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March 21, 2017
TT Film Fest to Open With Hero
July 24, 2018
Report on Mr Ulric Cross. Kumasi, April 1, 1957 Mr. Cross arrived in Kumasi to start work at the Solicitor General's Office here in Kumasi.  He is a very fine gentleman, extremely handsome and always well put together. He speaks very nicely with a kind of English accent, and is always polite. He makes me curious about all those West Indians over there in Trinidad and Jamaica, I can't call them Africans. But they are probably alot like us here in Ghana but better looking and better educated. I feel sad about slavery but in the end it's possible that they are better off than we are here in Ghana, left behind. I wonder what it is like in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. I would like to travel there sometime. Mr Cross is also highly educated in that he did his advanced studies in the United Kingdom. I am sure he will bring a great deal to our department. Like all foreigners he is slightly arrogant. I wonder how if he would like to taste the pussy of an African woman. Alot of these men are picky that way. They only like white meat. Or so they say, I know no man who would turn down a spicy African dish if offered.




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